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      JK906A Series Roller Hearth Gas-fired Furnace Heat-treatment Line

      JK906A 系列輥底式燃氣爐生產線
      JK906A  系列輥底式燃氣爐生產線

      JK906A  Series Roller Hearth Gas-fired Furnace Heat-treatment Line   簡介 Introduction


      The line for quenching and tempering is the newest one developed by our Company .


      Energy supply: Natural gas  

      Applications: Be  mainly applicable to the quenching and tempering of the rods and pipes  made of carbon structural steel and alloy steel, and be an ideal line  for quenching and tempering to the manufacturers of alloy steel rods,  drilling rods of petroieum industry and seamless pipes.  

       性能特點:本設備為采用天然氣加熱,在燃燒加熱中通過爐內特定的散熱系統達到充分燃燒、爐溫均勻、節能、清潔環保,工作效率高,比電爐節能40%以上。 Features:  Natural gas heating and the special dissipate heat system inside  furnace are adopted to realize full burning, uniform furnace  temperature, more than 40% energy-saving than electric furnace, clean  and environmental protection, higher working efficiency.

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