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      JK903 Roller-supporting Mesh Belt Type Gas-fired Furnace Heat-treatment Line


      JK903 托輥型網帶式燃氣爐熱處理生產線

      JK903 Roller-supporting Mesh Belt Type Gas-fired Furnace Heat-treatment Line



      用   途:廣泛適用于汽車配件、緊固件、鏈條、軸承、五金工具等行業機械零件的淬火、滲碳、碳氮共滲等熱處理工藝,實現自動上料、清洗、加熱、淬火、清洗、回火、染色、干燥、上油連續熱處理生產工序作業,配上計算機控制系統實現電腦化辦公室管理。

      Applications:  Be widely applicable to the hardening, carburizing and carbonitriding etc. of the mechanical parts of automobile fittings, fastening, chains, bearings and tools etc. and realize continuous heat-treatment Processes of automatic loading rinsing, heating, quenching, rinsing, tempering, dyeing, drying, and oil-covering etc. The whole line is controlled by computer.


      Features: The line adopts natural gas heating and internally-set preheating radiant tubes. The treated workpieces have no oxidizing and decarburizing. It has more than 30% energy-saving than electric heating furnace.


      Energy supply: Natural gas

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