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      Design of industrial furnace

      Key points of industrial furnace design

      1. Selection of furnace type.

      2. Choice of fuel.

      3. Selection of combustion device and burner.

      4. The furnace designer should have a comprehensive understanding of the heat energy utilization of the furnace.

      5. Reasonable distribution of heat load and arrangement of heat transfer surface in radiation section and convection section of furnace.

      6. when adopting new technology and new materials, we should pay attention to the new technologies, the advanced nature and reliability of new materials, and the combination of economy.

      7. When increasing the heat transfer area to improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace, in addition to preventing the corrosion of low temperature flue gas, it is also necessary to pay attention to the influence of increasing the area on the system resistance, the thermal efficiency and fuel consumption of the industrial furnace.

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