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      How to purchase quenching furnace

      Quenching furnace is widely welcomed by customers for its advantages of fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation and decarbonization, fast melting speed, self stirring function, uniform melting temperature and metal composition, and good electric heating working environment. At present, there are three kinds of well type carburizing and quenching furnace (hereinafter referred to as well type furnace), sealed box type multi-purpose carburizing and quenching furnace (hereinafter referred to as box type furnace) and push rod type continuous carburizing and quenching furnace (hereinafter referred to as continuous furnace). We should pay attention to the following points when purchasing quenching furnace:

      1. Well type furnace: less investment, unstable treatment quality, all manual operation, poor working conditions, small production capacity, suitable for small batch production.

      2. Multi purpose furnace: medium investment, stable heat treatment quality, full computer control, automatic operation, few operators, good working environment. The multi-purpose furnace is a gap type production, which is the same as the well type furnace. The products with different heat treatment technical requirements can be produced separately. It can be used for carburizing, soft nitriding, quenching and tempering and other multi-purpose operations. It can be produced in both large and medium batches. The production capacity is higher than that of the well type furnace and lower than that of the continuous furnace.

      3. Continuous furnace: large investment, large installed capacity, stable heat treatment quality, full computer control, automatic operation, uninterrupted continuous production. Products with the same heat treatment technology requirements are easy to operate, while products with different heat treatment technology requirements need to be differentiated and adjusted. It is suitable for mass production and has the largest production capacity among the three carburizing furnaces. At the same time, it is beneficial to solve the problem that the thin-walled parts adopt the press quenching process to prevent the large deformation of heat treatment.

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